Aug 22, 2014

Free up some space Friday

I have decided to start a new blog series called
 "Free up some space Friday"
Like the other series' I have, it may be very inconsistent and this might actually be the only one I ever do.
 So it may not really end up being a series after all.
But I hope it is...cause my computer is FULL of stuff- mostly images that I save for future reference.

So here's how it will go...
I will post pics from my computer that I need to say goodbye to in order to free up some space for others that I know I will be needing! 
There will be no pattern or organization...Just images

It just happens to be Friday- so I am calling it "Free up some space Friday"

So enjoy and maybe you will find some of these interesting and/or inspiring

I love this colorful hand made wall basket. Such an easy way to add some style to a room!

Fun metal accent table- if interested in this let me know and I can get it on order for you!

To the Trade

Jonathan Adler bookends I used in a teen clients bedroom. 
Aren't they cool?? And very budget friendly!

I have been gathering inspiration for our powder bath (that's been unfinished for 2 years)
and I found this. I just love this room, everything about it!!
Except the towels...those can go.


This Rug................LOVE IT


I have no idea why this pic was on here, but I do love Skeleton keys!

Now please don't tell my hubby, but since it's Friday, I think I'll go to a yard sale or two now!

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!