Oct 10, 2014

What's your D R E A M ?

Everyone has one... or a few
Mine is ever changing, daily. 
Just when I think I have it nailed, I start thinking of ways to improve it. 

Let's step back a bit to about 15 years ago...

I remember in college my daydream was to be a successful and powerful professional. .PERIOD.
Yes, I thought about being a wife and mother, but I guess I just figured that would just work itself out (Man O Man did that change)  and I would focus on being career driven.

Driven is a one of my qualities- sometimes I'm driven to just have fun, but I'm driven non- the- less.

I even thought Oooh I'll be a Lawyer (b/c if you know me...it's pretty fitting)

Of course there's the reading and the early mornings and the late nights...
And I thought to myself, that won't work.
I am too hyper and fidgety and what if I go to law school and then decide NOPE, don't want to do that anymore! :) 
Don't think that would go over well for me.

But since they make you choose a path, I decided I need a career that will be FLEXIBLE for ME not one that I had to be FLEXIBLE For!

I mean how many people at 18 or 19 (or even 30 for that matter) really KNOW exactly what they want to do?  And even if they do, most don't have families at that time so really it's not an accurate reality.  
(I tend to over think things sometimes, but that time It came in handy)

My intuition told me (now I know that was actually a whisper from God)  that I should choose something that would allow me to work from home- just in case I might want to learn to play tennis or sew or (light bulb moment)  be home with my (hypothetical at the time) kids
For the record He did not whisper that I would want to cook...Ever!  :)

This is not to say that other professionals can not be wonderful parents and balance it all perfectly.
I just know that for ME-  it wouldn't work.
I'm a little bit controlling and slightly a perfectionist! (just slightly) ;)

So............I do not recall the actual moment of my sophomore year that I chose Interior Design to be it, but that's what I chose.  And from that moment, I decided that I was gonna be a really good one!

 Let's fast forward just a few short years to my internship and graduation...
I wanted to be an intern at the best place (In my mind) so I interviewed at A prestigious Architect/Engineer Firm in Little Rock.

That sounds Successful and Powerful, Right???
And (I soon realized) Corporate...
Dress codes, meetings and lots of people that really weren't sure what Interior designers did anyway.  It was  great experience and for a very short time I even thought I might could work at a commercial architectural firm.
 A few rejected interviews  (and a little bit humbler self) later, I started to broaden my scope a bit...
I started calling everyone I knew that had anything to do with interiors... And...Nothing
My dream was starting to look a bit more distant.

But It didn't matter... I had that diploma and I needed to get it framed, so I took it to a gallery and the craziest thing happened... I got a job there! 
Okay not exactly how I dreamed it would go... 
But great! I Got a job! I was still looking for a career, but I got a job!!!

Just to be clear Money has never been a factor in what I have wanted to do...
I mean I needed some, but that has never been a concern for me.

I actually enjoyed working at the gallery, in fact I think it was there that I decided that decorating ,in addition to Design, (and yes they are 2 different things) might not be a bad skill to add to my resume`.
In fact, I liked decorating so much, that when I was offered an Interview (not a job) at another architectural firm, I turned it down to take my job at Rye Furniture.

My Dreams were starting to grow!  Still different than I had imagined, but growing.  I really loved working at Rye.  I was so enthusiastic that I started dreaming about having my own store.

 I wanted to get my MBA and open a business!  Oooh yes, this is it, I thought! 
Well in order to get your MBA, you have to take the GMAT and get a good score. When I took it, my score would be good in one section, then the next time I would take it, it would be worse in that section but better in another sections.

After the 3rd time, I decided maybe I would try to find a school that didn't require the GMAT.
They have them, but they are not cheap!!!
Not sure what changed my mind. 
Wait yes, I do. I got engaged, then married, then shortly after had a baby!

Okay so business school might need to wait, what now?
Stay home? But, I worked so hard to get where I was for just 5 years of work?
(Not that being a mom and wife is not worthy work...It is VERY much so)

Just not ,ONLY, what I wanted to do ...
I started daydreaming and with a few more whispers and nudges, I thought how fun it would be to get to work and stay home!  
Now were talkin Dreamin!

So when my first child was 6 months old, I got my Real Estate license and soon after began dreaming of flipping (fixing up) houses.  Not exactly like what you see on HGTV, but a version of that.  With much MORE Style.  One small issue is the business side of it.  I was a little more focused on the creative side of turning a not so desirable house into a swoon worthy home. 
Which of course is doable, but many of my ideas tend to get a little pricey.  Therefore, making the business side of things a little tricky! 

Fast Forward...
 I now have 8 years of Real Estate experience with 4 of them as a Broker.
So that is a piece of the puzzle, that once this part of my dream takes flight,
 will be complete.

As a wife,  (now) mother of 2 and business owner my Dreams continues to change for the better!
I now not only want to be a  successful professional, I want to really be the best me I can be.

My career is very important, but I now know that it is not the sole purpose that God has placed me where I am. 

In addition to a growing business, I want to be able to enjoy my kids and teach them to Dream Big!!!
I want to...

I want them to learn from me that their dreams can be about more than just work
I still Dream of many things I want to do with my career.
 I want to travel to Europe and buy lots of antiques!
 Possibly even sell some in that Store I have always dreamed of owning.

Until then, I will continue to Dream and Believe that they will all come true!!!

And once I get there I will