Oct 16, 2015

Get Real Estate: What should we do?

Homes are my one of my passions. 
Whether it be designing, decorating or helping people buy/sell them.

 When a seller does get ready to market their house, there are many ways they can go about doing it. 

It's always best to keep in mind that the real estate market is 

1- A Beauty Contest 


2- Price War

Both of Equal Importance...


Both of the personal homes I've sold, got offers with in 1 week of being put in the mls...

It is because we were 

REALISTIC when we put them on the market.

We didn't expect to get more than their FAIR market value.
Not the value that we had in them.


You have to look at your reasons for selling first and foremost. 
Please don't discount that your desire to live in a different house 
might actually mean a little bruise to your ego.

So let's get on with this... What should we do to get our house sold???

First- CALL your Realtor, PLEASE
Yes, you will pay them, but chances are the fee will be well worth it.


An experienced agent can give you lots of tips on what needs to be done prior to photos and marketing. This might and probably will include a call to your designer or contractor depending on the condition of your home.

I don't recommend doing MAJOR renovations right before you move- 
(except in situations where a house wouldn't sell otherwise) 
Chances are the buyer that buys your house, will not like everything you have done, therefore won't value it as much as you do....Meaning you won't get as much you think you should.

Now, if you are doing renovations a few years prior to moving, in hopes of marketing your home, this is different. Because you will at least get to enjoy these changes while you live there.

I do recommend adjusting your list price based on what needs to be done.

I promise MOST people would rather pay $25,000.00-$50,000.00 less for a house and get to choose the finishes, than you already do the work and the tile/counter top color not be to their liking.

I am not saying that stained/soiled floors and walls not be replaced or painted. 

The Guardian

 Most homes being marketed will require an initial investment to get it up to par and looking good.
This is usually a few minor carpentry jobs and a few weekends of cleaning and decluttering.


There are a few reasons that a house in town should automatically be listed 
less than the surrounding comps.  3 that come to mind are:

1- If they are on a busy/main road
just me with

2- If they are on a Hill- up or down slope


3- If they are majorly outdated (Exterior or Interior)

active rain

Design Sponge

Please do not expect to get the same amount per sf as other homes in the neighborhood,
 if yours falls into this category. It's just not realistic.

These are just a few of the many things to do (or not do) when selling your house. 

Let me know if I can help