Oct 6, 2015

Where'd Ya get that???

I know that blogging about projects is a very popular blog topic. People like to see a space and know where to purchase any items that interest them. I know this because I have hundreds of questions on my photos from Houzz... Like What's the wall color? Where can I get can a table like that?  Can you tell me where that thumb tack on the cork board came from???...  Okay, I'm kidding about that last one, but from a left brainer like me that's what those questions sound like.  Since creativity is really my specialty and the remembering to write stuff down and record keeping is not, doing these types of blog posts do not get to the top of my priority list.  Of course these days, with my business to run,  2 elementary kids with homework, discipline, after school activities (yes I am a girl scout troop leader+ room mom) and another one on the way... any blogging is not really topping the charts.

But... since I have a house closing this week(hopefully) , another one listed and about 10 Interior design projects in the works right now, I figured what a better time to do what I do best, 


Read my blog on this from awhile back...it's a good one!
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So, I will indulge you and give you some secrets about one of my most recent 

This one is a bedroom. Hopefully I will do some more of these posts soon 
and give you the insight on others too.
Feel free to ask any questions... this is going to be done off of memory, so chances are I may have forgotten a detail or two... Read the first part of my post about this not being my strong point!


Lindsey Binz Home

Lindsey Binz Home

Lindsey Binz Home

Wall Color: Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams


Curtain Panels: To the trade fabric (really not expensive fabric) and custom made locally by Mountjoy Draperies 

Headboard : Special Order from Bassett Furniture -I don't know the name of the colors, but it's a gray velvet with an off white contrasting welt

All Patterned Pillows: To the Trade 

Large Storage Piece: West Elm


Chandelier: Ikea

Mirrored Night Stands: Sears Online 

Storage bench, chair, bedside lamps and sunburst mirror and throw: Target online  

 White Duvet Cover/sheets/bed skirt: Bed Bath and Beyond

Drapery Rod and Rings: Oversized Brushed Nickel from West Elm

Art work, gray fabric storage containers: Home Goods

Accessories: West Elm, Target, J.C. Penny 

I say save and splurge, but really everything in this project was done with budget in mind. I do feel that spending a little more (than you have to) on a few items can really make the difference when it comes to quality and looking professionally done.

Yes, there are many ways to save and still have a space that looks Totally Designer.

The cost/fee that you will pay a professional to complete your space, can actually end up saving you money ... And sometimes the opposite goes for trying to save on the fee and doing it yourself...