Jan 14, 2011

Design Resolutions for the New Year-

I am really into finding pretty things for people- my main challenge as a ~Little Rock Interior Designer~ is that I am too picky!!
I like to do tons of research, because I want to find items that are stylish yet unique!  I don't want to just throw something together, I want it to look well thought out and not too Match~y Match~y.  If you know what I mean.
So, getting to the point of my Resolution-- I want to be a more organized Designer and spend less time thinking and more time doing.  I sound like a Home Depot commercial!!!

Here are some of the Stylish~ Yet Unique design items I have come across in my Many hours of Research!
Classic~Simple lines Never Go out of style- and can be easily mixed with one of a kind antiques
 Love-Love-Love   Everything about this room- I found from Home and Design Magazine

 I am For Sure Mad about Plaid

I like to keep "Trendy" items to a minimum.  A tray can be just enough to give you that up-to-date look!
I want 2 of these for Myself!!!!!!!


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