May 31, 2011

In with the Old

I love vintage inspired decor. I think it comes from my mom. She is a huge collector of all things old. I remember even as a young child going to flea markets and antique shops. Antiques just seem to have a story to them that bring a little mystery. I do, however, like the clean lines of modern pieces as well and appreciate the home that has just the perfect mix.
Blending both styles can be sophisticated chic or look as if you went to the flea market after a few glasses of vino. You want to make sure to create a nice juxtaposition of styles!

Vintage pieces should be accents, not completely overtake your space. Use accessories, side tables or a coffee table in front of a well made newer sofa. You could hang your flat screen over a vintage console or use an older bedroom dresser in the front hallway.

Bigger pieces that get the most use should be new- like a sofa or armchairs. These take a beating, so it’s harder to find vintage pieces that are still in good condition. Save up and invest in a new one you can’t live without. You can always get a great antique rug or chandelier.

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