Aug 16, 2011

Saved by the Bell...

School has officially started again! If you are anything like me, then this is a very Bittersweet time. I have one starting Kindergarten and another starting a new preschool. Though I always look forward to the end of summer, I do miss all the things that go along with it. Sleeping in, going to the pool, making PBJ's for the kids and their neighborhood friends and hearing "Mom" about 700 million times a day! In honor of the new upcoming season, here are some of my favorite things that Fall brings...

Love when the leaves change

This pretty much sums it up!

Touchdown Arkansas!

My fall/winter shoe of choice

Juicy Tracksuits

The color and texture of this Velvet fabric is the perfect choice for Fall


And of course... Baking (and Eating) Cookies with the kids

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