Jun 20, 2012

Movin on up

I must say- I now have EMPATHY not just SYMPATHY for my Sellers!  We put our house on the market last week and it has been shown 17 times- in 8 days!  WOW!  I would normally not suggest to my Sellers to market their homes in the Summer-due to busy schedules, heat and vacations, but sometimes things just happen and you have to.
We were not intending to make a move for another year or two, but we have an opportunity to move up and still be in Roberts school zone-  and at a GREAT Interest Rate. I mean kinda hard to pass on.
Surprisingly and unexpectedly we were told THE house, that I have loved for a couple of years, is going to be available-   As a Realtor I see so many homes everyday , and no others have  wanted to make me endure what I am about to explain...

We decided we would put ours up for Sale- listed by yours truly.  We worked non stop for 2 weeks getting it ready... I only thought that was the hard part.  Nope!  I wasn't thinking about the 2 Messy Kids (home for summer), 2 Dogs and 2 Cats and 2 adults  that actually still live here! Yes, we sleep, shower, cook (well eat takeout) and all the other things you do while living in a house- that has to be Perfect pretty much at all times, b/c you never know when the moment might strike that a potential Buyer may want to see it.
and you NEVER turn away a SHOWING! EVER...

Things were going great the First day- we had 4 showings - even one group came twice!  I was so excited. I just knew we were going to get an offer.  once again, WRONG.  8 days later and still NO offer.  You know what that means- YEP. I have been Constantly Cleaning.  Which is Something that I do not like to do with my OH SO precious few minutes of daily alone time.

So if you know of anyone that might be interested in our home... LET ME KNOW.
 Lindsey Binz Home Company
Here are some pics

Entry~  That is almost complete~ you may remember the before pic in a previous post- with the shelves and bifold doors.

Large Living Room


Eat in Kitchen

Addi's Sweet Room- Note the Plantation Shutters

Hallway between Kids Room- I use it as a gallery- but have since removed the family photos, patched the holes and am in the process of painting- Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige to match the living room, playroom and kitchen. Oh the things you will do to sell a house! :)

Extra Large Kids Bath- with Custom Glass Knobs by James Hays

Preston's Room


Master Bath

Huge Yard- Yes that Grass is pretty- Thanks to that sprinkler system we got last summer!  I won't post the other view- it's very Sandford and Sonish- bur bur burn urp. with ride on toys and basketball goals everywhere.

As, I look through these pics, I am not exactly sure why I even want to move.  Other than I need an Office so I can continue to pursue my Love of Real Estate and Interior Design. 


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