Oct 15, 2012

Just another...Manic Monday (Whoa Whoa)

It's only 8:26 on Monday Morning and I'm already exhausted. Ha! Like most moms out there, I feel the mania start to set in about 10:30 p.m. Sunday evening.  Just thinking of the week ahead, I start to feel a little overwhelmed.  Thankfully there are lots of handy items available to help keep the crazies at bay.  Here are some of my favorite necessities that I am thankful for every day.  I mean, how did we ever get by without these smart solutions?!!

Of Course my iPhone (which is typically set for about 5:18 every morning like in this pic)
Though it's been closer to 6:00 when I get up Lately.

My iPhone is probably a tie with our Bunn Coffee Maker- That always has my favorite, Community Coffee, ready to go within 1 Minute.  

My Laptop -  to me it's much better than the iPad.  Many would argue that.
 I guess I'm just an Old Fashioned Techie!

You can NEVER have enough. We have them everywhere and of all types.
They hold, Toys, Tools, Clothes, Mail, Books, DVD's, Shoes...pretty much all the everyday stuff you have- that doesn't always look that pretty.

As much as I love all my Technology, a Good Ole Notebook and Pen is what I end up using most of the time to help me keep up with all of my thoughts, ideas and reminders.

This is an idea that I have yet to incorporate into our daily lives.  A jar of small bills and change- for last minute field trip money and mostly those Friday Yard Sales- that I NEVER seem to have CA$H for. Most won't take a check- so this saves you from having to run to the ATM when all you need is a few dollars.

Bowls, like Baskets, are a Hot Commodity in our household.  I have them on counters, shelves and  in drawers in every room.  They are perfect for jewelry, legos and loose change. I even have a dedicated bowl, with a lid, for Box Tops we collect for Preston's school.

But Mostly
I Try to 

In Spite of all the running around and scheduling I seem to do~ 
Remembering this keeps me going through the day!



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