Mar 20, 2013

Make your Grass Green...

Though, it is a lot of work, having a nice and neat outdoor area is very important when it's time to sell your house. It can very well be what makes a Buyer decide to buy a house or not.  

This is the time of year that having a nice exterior can help sell your house. It can also help not sell it, if it is not maintained properly. 

First make sure they can find your house. As if the big sign in the yard is not a give away!

via Lindsey Binz Home

No Really, the pizza man can't find you if you don't have your street number posted.
I know this, because we didn't have them for a while! 

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This is a cool and EASY DIY project - all you need is a piece of wood (painted color of your choosing), a few nails and thread or twine to create this cool 3D effect. 

Or... you can buy some!

Via Clockwise from top: Modern Dwell House Numbers, Custom House Numbers, Custom House Numbers, Design Within Reach

Make the most of ALL of your Real Estate. Bring the indoors - out. Extend your living space into the porch , patio or even yard. 


What a charming little corner for a morning coffee or four... 

via southern living
I think I might buy this one without even going in
OR at least sit for a while and have some sweet tea.

via The Studio B Photography

I  know this is not common, but come on,  How Lovely.
 I could sit here and read for hours.

Plant some annuals! 
(the bulbs will need to be planted sometime in January for the full effect)

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 This might be going a little overboard, but it definitely makes a statement.

A pretty lawn enhances your home and it should be freshly cut (weekly), weeded, and edged. Flowerbeds should be weeded , hedges trimmed, and garden debris removed.
 Any areas that require new grass should be sodded rather then seeded to ensure a finished appearance.


Unless you have beautiful paving stone like these, be sure the sidewalks and patios are also weeded and clean~ 
Can you say Pressure washer??  (my hubby's favorite past time) .
While you have that out- go ahead and clean the the exterior, including eaves and gutters. Downspouts should have extensions to take water away from the foundation to avoid pooling.  Believe me - the inspector will write this on the report if it's not done.

I actually think it's okay to leave the chalk. It's very sweet.

Okay, so if you are like me and love to have a pretty yard, but never seem to get around to the yard "work" part of it. A great way to "Give Back" is to hire someone to do your yard work.  
That way, the time that you do spend outdoors can be enjoyable and memorable!  Some of my best childhood and adult memories are being outside- either playing catch or doing cartwheels in the yard and then hanging out on the deck (with lots of bug spray) and friends ~that only bugged me after a few hours!  (Just kidding)  

If you are the DIY type (also like me), then why not get the kids to pitch in and help. If you don't have kids in the house, enlist some of the neighbors!  I love playing the game pick up sticks (with actual sticks) . We like competition at our house, so I always have a "Race" to see who can find the most and add them to the pile.  My 3 year old especially like to fill up the wagon and pull it around- baby dolls in tow. 

A great way to teach values too

Happy Spring!



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