Jun 12, 2013

I'm gonna let it Shine

Get Real...Estate
Styling to Sell or Stay, with the right Lighting

One of the best ways to add STYLE to your home is with good lighting.  
Most houses that are not custom built or have not been updated by home owners will have very common looking lighting or a "Home Depot Special"  as I like to call it. (Sorry to all my builder friends out there) I am not saying that shopping at Home Depot is all bad- but if you do like to shop at the De-pot, please be sure to do so with a selective outlook. 
Many people tend to overlook the importance of good lighting. It's either, not in their budget or they simply have never lived in a well thought out space. Whether you realize it or not, the right or wrong lighting can make or break a room or even an entire home. If the pictures below resemble the lighting in your home, it might be time to consider an update.  Especially if you are getting ready to sell.

images from Google

Natural light- is above all the best type of lighting.  

Recently I have been obsessed with steel framed windows and doors. There is just something about the sleek simplicity just makes me happy.  It just so happens that my hubby works in the Structural Steel biz :) so I am hoping that my home will soon be getting an upgrade! 


Unfortunately not all homes can take advantage of this God given gift, due to many factors. 
However,  if you are able to soak up the Sun, then by all means take advantage of it with windows and complementing window treatments (or none depending on who can see through them).

Lighting is as much decoration as it is utility, when you carefully select the fixtures for a space.  The pendant in the photo above is perfect for this cozy nook. It's shape complements the bent wood dining chairs and the antique brass finish is a nice, soft contrast to the black iron windows. You may not be able to splurge on a high end light, but don't be afraid to try something unique. 

 Here are some cool pendant lights that will fit most any size budget.  I know you will be pleasantly surprised.

Galvanized buckets can be purchased in my booth ~Tusk #143~ at Midtowne Antique Mall. Let me know if you need it wired, I can get that done too!
We personally have the Ikea Pendant hanging over our breakfast table and get so many compliments. 

Closets and Hallways are the perfect place to add some unexpected flair and personality with ~not your run of the mill ~ lighting.  These lights, from Restoration Hardware, really add character to this gallery hallway.


In a recent closet design project, I replaced the standard florescent fixture with this unique alloy shade and Edison style bulb. 


I love this classic style flush mount light from Circa Lighting. It can be used in most all styles of homes.


 Sconces are another way to add some interest to a wall.  
Lisa Sherry Interieurs

You can have them hardwired to a switch or buy the plug in type and use a wire cover... or Don't cover it!
Try the SIMPLE DIY project pictured below- Transform a desk lamp into an industrial wall sconce and give it a fresh feel by wrapping the cord in your choice of colored duct tape or simply spray paint it~ just the cord or the entire lamp.


Hope you have been inspired to Let it shine too!


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