Aug 4, 2013

I Love it when we're Cruisin Together

The last time I went on a cruise ship was a month after my engagement! I remember asking Danny if "I could wear my Ring on the Cruise!" Ha... His reply was "You can where it everywhere!"  :)
Maybe it was because of all the stories I had heard...Like the one when my mom had her airline tickets lifted from her cabin by the HOUSE KEEPING STAFF!  What?!? 

That was before all the identification you now need to travel, was required.
  Like Picture ID, Blood Type, First Born... And Second in our Case.
Yes you read correctly...9 years after that trip (being newly engaged),
 we are to set sail once again, with both of the Minis (AKA children) 
And to think I was worried about wearing my ring!!!

I would happily trade in all my adult vacations to watch Ariel on the big screen, at the pool while sipping on Shirley Temples. Who wouldn't, right???
If only I had remembered to purchase that Disney Classic when it was "out of the Vault" ;)

In addition to all of the Family Bonding on the trip (we can't be online much),
I am hoping to get a little inspiration, while we are there, to bring back for my design jobs.
So ,as usual, I will give you some Splendid Design Eye Candy for your blogger enjoyment.

Talk about Inspiration~ Nice Suite. 
The only thing I would be inspired to do here is NOT LEAVE!
Since room service is usually included-  I wouldn't really have to.
Via Google

It's probably a good thing our Suite won't be quite as "Decked Out" as the one above. 
 I will need to get out and take note of all the other places and spaces on the boat.

I am especially inspired by all these details here.
Love the Tufted Bar and how the designer incorporated the round/circle theme throughout the space.
Via Google

Speaking of Bars...
I LOVE this Bar, though it's doubtful I will spend much time Here on this trip!
Via Google

My Bar experience will mostly likely look more like this!
Though not my first idea of FUN, the kids will be thrilled!!!
Preston just said, I can't wait to have one of those
 "Bigger than Me Lollipops"
I wonder if those self serve/measure candy jars make anyone Else's Anxiety Peak. 
 I mean I seriously doubt my kids are the only ones that stick their grubby little digits down in the jars immediately upon entrance to the store EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!
Go Ahead Kids (and Hubby) Enjoy!  I'll save my calories for the other Bar, where the lids stay nice and tight, until I open them!

I guess the cruise lines bank on families- It seems they think of everything kid friendly...
Like a Lego Model of a Cruise Ship
And Water Slides

I love a good water slide, but the pool deck pictured here is waaay more my speed!

Via Seabourn Cruises

In honor of the upcoming start of school, we may need to spend a little time in the Library.
I can just see us now, sitting quietly in these crisp chairs as we all flip through our carefully selected books.
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha 
Via Celebrity Cruise line

Of all the spaces on a Cruise Boat, I think the Dining rooms are the most memorable! 

Via Google

Even from the early days, much detail was put into the design and aesthetics of these gathering places.

I could seriously go on and on, but I will leave some for the Imagination!

Bon Voyage


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