Sep 16, 2013

Get Real...Estate. Where Art Thou

Choosing Art can be an Art in it's self!

Via Bing Images

 I am sure you have all heard the Cliche, Art is a Personal choice, Right?
Hmmm... That leads me to believe that maybe home design is too, since I believe design to be an art. 
But wait, don't most clients hire a designer so they can help them Choose??? 
Choose what? Colors? Furniture layouts? Rugs? Accessories?ART???
 I encourage investing in art that you LOVE, whether purchased at the latest local auction or brought in by your designer. 
via Bing Images

I appreciate Fine Art and enjoy assisting clients make a choice on what to purchase 
and where it should hang in their spaces.
 I am not biased ,by any means, on style type, but I do Push ORIGINAL Art. 
And if you know me...I Am NOT pushy. Well at least not as a Designer! :)

Below are some of the Local (Arkansas) Original pieces that I am inspired by today.
Most or similar pieces can be purchased at the link below each pic. 

I love this Abstract on canvas by Nicole Sample. It would look great in a frame or hanging as is.
 Via Stephano studios

I love how Raku bowls look on a lateral surface or Hanging Vertically, just about anywhere.
(These Even Coordinate the the Abstract above!)
Horsehair Bowls by Kelly Edwards

Via Red Door Gallery 

This modern painting is done by a friend of mine, Morgan Coven. 
I love the colors and the panoramic shape of this one.

Via Morgan Coven

Who doesn't need a Cute Rooster hanging in their Kitchen? 
Though, I'm not sure if artist, Matt Coburn, would like me to call it Cute! :)
Visit the the Art Group Gallery in Maumelle to see more.
Via Americana Originals

Farm Animals seem to be quite the Rage!  
This Cow, by Holly Tilley (also at The Art Group), actually just got a new home...
My Kitchen!!!  I was scouting for a Client when I came across this little guy. 
Love it. 
via The Art Group Maumelle

This Cityscape of Little Rock by Artist Tracee Gentry Mathews can be the inspiration for any space! 

via Art by Tracee

If you prefer softer colors, this landscape with water by Sandy Hubler, might be the perfect piece for you!
Via Sandy Hubler Fine Art

Sometimes choosing the Art is only half the battle. 
Finding it a Home- inside of your home- can be quite a challenge too. 

Especially if your house is on the market. 
Since Art is Personal, it can be a little distracting to future Buyers.  

Via Bing Images
A few steps to take when Styling to Sell with Art
(and everyday too)

Be thoughtful of Scale~ Don't display the incorrect size for the space.
Don't over crowd a room with too much art.
This is VERY Distracting and makes rooms feel much smaller than they really are.

Try to choose one focal point in each space, then coordinate with smaller or less dominating pieces.

If you need to store your fine Art,  It's best to keep it in a temperature controlled storage area.
Never keep it in a damp basement or hot attic. 

I would love to help, if you need other tips on where to purchase or how to hang art!
Keep it Real (original)!


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