Oct 10, 2013

Get Real Estate: Small Space Solutions

Styling a small space can be a challenge. Especially when your house is on the market.
 Try just one or all of these tips to help keep your space open and airy, no matter how big or small it may be.

1- White Walls and Bare Floors
 Think Clean, Neat, Simple 
Keeping floors bare and walls white,or a similar color as the trim, 
keeps the eye moving and helps to anchor a small space.  
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A clean palate allows you to add style with:

2-Pops of color

 With pops of color in the decor- Pillows, Art, Rugs, etc... 
you can be free to change your favorite colors on a regular basis. 

3-Group small items
Group smaller items together so they appear as one larger unit.
This makes more of an impact than many items scattered throughout a space. 
 I would rather see 2 or 3 completed areas than a few items in each room that do not have a cohesive look. 

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4- Furniture with legs
 Allows the eye to keep moving and makes a space feel much more open and light.

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5- Glass/Acrylic/Mirrored Furniture-
You don't want too much of this, but adding a few translucent pieces really helps make a space feel bigger.

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6- Use your walls
Using vertical space moves your eye up and around the room. A couple of simple ways to get this effect is by installing window treatments at the ceiling height and stacking artwork.

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Mix up all types of textures, from fabrics to wall and floor treatments. When additional textures and patterns are brought in, a rooms gains depth and dimension.

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 I have lots of other tips to help maximize your space. Let me know if you would like a consultation!