Feb 12, 2014

Guest Post :At Home in Arkansas- Valentine's Day Art


It's Valentine's week and I have decided to do a quick Pinterest roundup of some crafts
 that are easy, yet elegant enough to display in your home or to give to someone special. 
Click on the link below each image for directions on how to make these.

Painted Twig Heart
This is so eco-friendly and so colorful you'll want to leave it up year-round. All you need to do is collect twigs that have fallen off the trees this winter and then paint them in your choice of a rainbow of colors, then assemble this unique heart work of art.

 Green Upgrader

Heart Coasters
You can buy a package of birch tree coasters or cut your own!
Silhouette America

Succulent Valentines
What you’ll need:
Jiffy pots (starter pots) 
DecoArt Americana Multi-Surface Satins
And the steps:
Simply paint your succulent pots with Americana Multi-Surface Satins (they work on everything)! Flamingo and Lipstick hues make for festive Valentine’s pots – with alternating stripes or hearts!
Let dry and pop your succulent plants in – that easy!

A Night Owl

Heart Pallet Art
This is Super Easy. Just glue a few small pieces of wood together and paint!!!

Somewhere in the middle

Ombre Button Hearts
This is a great way to put all those spare buttons to use!

The Shabby Nest

I hope you have a great Valentine's Day!!!
Don't be afraid to display home made gifts now and throughout the year! 
After all 

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