Feb 4, 2014

JUST SAY NO...To carpet! A sample of our hardwood project.

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you may know that we are installing (DIY Style) Unfinished Red Oak Hardwood Floors upstairs in our home. The we is really just Danny with some guidance (telling him what to do) from me. I have to say, though it has been 2 months since the wood was delivered and I took the photo below, he is a lot further along than I thought he would be at this time.  Considering this is our first time working with the real deal! We did install Hardwoods in our 2nd home, but they were pre~finished and let me just say- COMPLETELY NOT THE SAME when it comes to the project overall. 
Oh yea, and we had a small Holiday season smack in the middle of the project! 

Roughly 1850 sf of the good stuff- Pic taken on December 5, 2013- 
We did have another pile in the foyer that was about 2 feet wide by 3 feet high not pictured

We had to carry all of this upstairs during the installation (in stages) because we could only work on a small amount at a time. We have 3 furnished bedrooms upstairs, that are in use, so we don't have the space up there for piles of wood- plus he had to cut every piece due to uneven wood. (UGH...)  
Also there is a pretty large saw in the upstairs hallway.

I actually started this project, back in the summer-yes-9 months ago- by ripping up carpet one day while Danny was at work...
and we have been living on sub floor in 3 rooms since then, FUN!!!
I actually thought that by doing this, it would speed up the process- but it was still 6 long months before we even started looking into buying the wood. Turns out you need money for that part! Oops!!!!

Okay- so once the real project was underway and the moisture barrier cut to fit and put down,
 the first room (playroom) was installed pretty fast. 
The hallway and other rooms were are FULL so it has taken a bit longer to get those down. That and because Danny also has another full time gig going on 5 days a week! Plus since sanding was the next step and we didn't want to move furniture from room to room multiple times, he had to work around the stuff. Which has been a nightmare in more ways than one.
I just keep reminding myself that it will all be back in it's place SOON and will be AWESOME and...
 I am counting my blessings that we are able to have these floors. Because with 3 dogs, 3 cats and 2 kids, it is unhealthy to live with carpet. I won't go in to details, but I am sure you know what I mean.
 Let's just say, I will happily throw out my carpet cleaner when this is complete!

Now that all the hardwoods have been nailed down and most of the sanding and filling process has been completed, it is now time to order the stain for these bad boys.
Which for some people may be a super easy step, but for the creatively indecisive it's torture.
I have some experience in choosing stain colors, but for some reason when it's your own digs, it's easier said than done. 

I have (as usual) scoured Pinterest, Google images and Houzz looking at photos of Red Oak floors with many different finishes and have found a bit of inconsistency in my selections.

Here's what I came up with (still not decided)

Danny brought home a sample of Minwax Jacobean and painted some on a sample board. 
We are thinking it could be a little darker than we want. 
Especially since we have 6 four legged friends ,with paws, that like to track in dirt from outside,
 and believe it or not (Ha) we don't get their paws wiped off very often!

Jacobean Via Greenstepflooring
Though the Jacobean is nice, my original thought was a slightly lighter 50/50 mixture between Jacobean and Dark Walnut.
I really love it in the room pictured below. It could have been the color or possibly the dog bed in the middle of the room. So we know they have some paws too!  

Dark Walnut and Jacobean Via Designindulgence

Here is another inspiration photo via google.
I LOVE all the White contrasting with the dark.
 After the floors are done- we may just be doing some painting.
(I hope you are not reading this, Danny, Ha! )

Though it's too dark for us, I love the Ebony finish on the floors pictured below.
Again, the white walls!
Ebony Via House and Home

I also like the lighter yet, Dark walnut Minwax  by it's self. But since we are going with the Bona brand finish- it will have to be a custom mix of 3 parts Jacobean and 1 part Provencial

Dark Walnut Via mydesigndump

I also Really like the 50/50 Dark Walnut ~Special Walnut
which in our case would be 50 Special Walnut+ 3 parts Jacobean to 1 part Provincial
I wonder if that math problem is taught in Common Core :)

so far I am leaning toward this one...
Dark Walnut and Special Walnut Via Houzz

 My favorite BY FAR are the character grade red oak(which is the type that we have)
 They are five inches wide and they have a poly clear coat on them with no stain.
It is really hard to tell ,from the picture, if they have done any sanding or just applied the poly top coat.
I am not certain that we have the same type of character wood though. These almost look reclaimed.

Though not my choice we have the Natural 2 1/4" Red oak downstairs,
 so something a little lighter or with a variation of light and dark would blend better.  

Natural Red Oak with Poly top coat only Via Houzz
Maybe we will refinish the downstairs someday, but for now, I think we are good!

I am now Floored...are you???


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