Mar 13, 2014

Top Shelf

When styling shelves that are both functional and eye pleasing,
start by using a few over-sized or large items then...Stack, Lean, Layer & Group!
Emily Henderson’s perfectly styled shelves below have stacked books with items on top,
 leaned objects in front, and are layered with a variety of textures and colors.

Emily Henderson

Use books, books and more books both vertically and in horizontal stacks.

James Ransom Photography via Loft & Cottage

Line the backs with a fun color, wallpaper or fabric to add some color or pattern.
I used this bright Ikat fabric in this otherwise white closet to give it some dimension and style.

Lindsey Binz Home

Make it personal with art or photos that you love!
I love using framed art hug on the outside of the shelves.

Little Green Notebook

Edit- Edit- Edit
Take your time and try different options by moving things around. 
It's okay to have a few "rough" drafts when styling shelves. 

Lindsey Binz Home

 Have fun with it!

They don't have to be perfect. Even messy shelves can be stylish!