Apr 9, 2014

Guest Blog on At Home in Arkansas: Organized Offices

It's a few days into April and, while a lot of people are outside playing, I am spending A LOT more time inside at my computer. You guessed it, frantically doing my NOT SO favorite task.....TAXES!!!
So as I sit here going through folders and receipts and statements, 
I think Hmmmmm, my office space really could use some HELP!

Is anyone else out there........

Having an office is a wonderful addition to any home.
Even while on the market, a home office can help sell a house. 
If it's stylish and organized well


More and more people are streamlining their businesses and working from home, so having a functional place to work is a priority for some and even a MUST HAVE for many home buyers today.
Even just a small desk area is okay!


Lots of natural light is a must for productivity
and tons of containers help to keep all of the stuff organized and neatly hidden from view.


If you are like me and like to work in the open. A space that is a part of another room works just fine. 
Just be sure to keep it neat- that part not so much like me!

The Style Files

Speaking of neat! How cute is this idea. I am all about multi~use /RE purposed items.


A dining room table is perfect for a large work area. 
If you don't have a dedicated space for an office, turn your dining room into an office!
 Built in bookcases are a great addition to any office area.
Another Great Selling point too!


A great way to maximize space, is to turn a small closet into a desk area.


All offices come with an abundance of technology.
 Use Binder Clips to help tame all those cords and wires.

A cork wall is a fun addition to any work space
And as always, try to...................