Apr 21, 2014

Little Girls are made of Sugar and Spice...but their rooms are not always so sweet and so nice.

I am working on (thinking about) the design of my daughter's room for my next project (at home)!
Even though she is only 4, I have big plans for it to be a BIG GIRL Room. I typically use regular type pieces in my kids rooms because I like to frequently move items around in my house and don't really want to be limited by "AGE".  Except for the nursery furniture and bunk beds!!! :)

The walls in her room are green and the ceiling is yellow (not my choice) but it has worked okay so far.
 A few months back, on a Saturday, I decided to paint aqua stripes on the wall behind her bed- 
 I wanted to tie that in since she has so many things in aqua.  I am still not happy with the paint colors- but I am just not in the mood to paint right now!!! So, I will plan her room with the idea that we will change the walls and ceiling whenever!  I am actually thinking of using this paper on the wall behind her bed!
The dots are raised with glitter!

To the trade

 But...I have a hard time designing my own house- I just can not make up my mind!!!
I want it ALL.  So, if you have been to my house- now you know the reason it's never finished. :)

The brainstorming for Addi's room has been fun though, I must say- Girls' rooms are just FUN!

Here are some of my ideas:

We need a queen size bed in there (b/c) we have a queen mattress and a new one is not in the budget!
I like the idea of a Daybed, but queen size daybeds are not that easy to come by.

Here are the one's I have found, but just can't commit to...........

We could have something made similar to this custom piece designed by Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler

Here is a similar one from Restoration Hardware
 Only available in 2 colors.
I do like the grey and it would be easy to change the color scheme if we went with this over a color.

Restoration Hardware

Another idea I have is to use a King size headboard and turn the bed sideways.
Much more budget friendly!!!
I really think it will give so much more floor space for her and it will be a nice focal point for the room.
Plus we could use under bed storage.


I love the bed skirt on this one! Perfect for hiding the storage.

And the idea of the chairs or a settee at the end of the bed.
I also might have to steal this look... chalkboard paint stripes!  

We have moved on from duvet covers- they are way too much trouble!!!
I like quilts because you can machine WASH them!
 She chose the lavender and grey Branson quilt from Pottery Barn Kids.
It's here- so that's one thing DOWN
She was very specific about that one- so I said fine. 
Purple is Hot right now anyway and I love to mix colors- so it will work with whatever we decide to do.

Pottery Barn Kids

I recently started taking a sewing class and the very first thing I made was were 2 of these pillows. 
The colors go great in case I decide not to change the paint anytime soon! 

I love the idea of doing a book wall similar to this from Lonny Magazine.


I will most likely use this mirror over the bed (depending on the wall pattern) 
b/c I already have it!

These Lamps!!!! LOVE.........
there's the purple again.

To the trade

Well I have a lot of decisions to make!  
I'll post the pics of the room when it's done (hopefully before she leaves for college)!


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