Jul 16, 2015

A penny for your thoughts

I love using metal in design and I love to mix metals. One of my favorites is Copper. 
It looks good with EVERYTHING. 

If I saw this door, I would absolutely have to enter it...

I mean what could be on the other side, besides a lot of STYLE!!!
My Villa Life

A copper backsplash, counters and green cabinets... This is amazing!

If you look closely, you will see the stainless range.
I am not the only one who likes to mix it Up!

Elle Decor

Again, copper mixed with stainless... and white this time!
This is so chic


Copper Walls, I can't even!

This application is something that I have been trying to convince clients to try for years.
It is a little pricey, but a little amazing too! 
Please, Please, Please someone let me try this!!!

Del Weale Interior Design

Sheet metal (copper or otherwise) is an easy-to-install material that (below)
becomes both headboard and statement wall!

Bikini Berlin/Hotel

This simple DIY would make any furniture piece or cabinet more industrial.
Click link below for how to.
Upcycled Treasures

You can also use copper pipe to make curtain rods.

Our Vintage Home

If you are wanting to add some copper, but it's not time to renovate, how about trying a ladder?
Here's another DIY project...
Click on link below for instructions

Brittany Makes

Another inexpensive way to add copper 



Another (non Permanent, but not inexpensive) way to add copper is Furniture.

Photo speaks for itself!


I have used copper in many of my projects

Here is a custom copper mantle that I specified for a client to add to her existing design

Lindsey Binz Home

I am always on the lookout for copper while shopping Estate Sales and Antique Stores.
I got a steal with this Found Vintage Copper Pot. I used it in the bathroom
 I designed for the Symphony Designer House Spring of 2014

Lindsey Binz Home

In my client's Kitchen, we had this custom copper hood made to coordinate with the
 hammered copper apron front sink and other copper accents.
We also used stainless steel, brass and oil rubbed bronze.

Lindsey Binz Home

Lindsey Binz Home

What do you think about Copper? Will you join the trend?
I would love to see how you have used copper in your designs!