Oct 6, 2015

It's  L A U N D R Y   D A Y

Oh Wait...

Carrie Elle

The Laundry room is one of the most over utilized, yet under designed rooms in the home.

If you have to spend so much time in a room, why not make it pretty?

Here are some of my favorite laundry rooms!

2 Sets of Washers/Dryers...Genius!
 The application of subway tile on the floor
and all that storage.
What's not to love in this luxurious laundry room?

Tracy Hardenburg Designs

Another tile application, that I love, is the wall or backsplash behind the Washer/Dryer.
It just really brings in texture and pulls the room together. 

Well Nestled Interiors

This wallpaper is amazing!
If you have a smaller laundry room, wallpaper is a great way to add some personality 
without busting the budget. Well, actually it's kind of a splurge.  
But anything to make doing laundry not feel like such a drag, Right?!

J. Wheeler Designs

Another (less expensive) way to add personality is to paint a pattern on one wall. 
I say one wall, b/c that's about all the patience I would have to take on a project like this. 
Plus that's all you really need to make a statement!

The Casablanca Transformation

As you are laundering, you will probably find some hard to remove stains.
Take the guesswork out by keeping a cheat sheet or care guide in your laundry area.


Some days I actually make money doing laundry ...
If I get lucky and someone forgets to check their pockets before throwing their jeans
 NEXT to the hamper!

Here's a fun DIY project for ya
Click on link below for tutorial

Tried and True Blog

Don't forget the art!
Here's an appropriate one...

Shop ISA

B/C it's Never Ending...

H A P P Y   L A U N D R Y   D A Y

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